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BCR Make Positive Impact With B1G1

Posted by Philip Wood on 05-Mar-2018 14:33:17

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Some emails that come through to my work inbox are a pleasure to receive, none more so than our quarterly giving summary from B1G1. B1G1 is a business giving scheme that allows companies to link charitable giving to specific business processes. This makes charitable giving scalable and affordable – growing as your business grows and never negatively impacting your cash flow.

I would like to encourage as wide as possible engagement with this valuable giving scheme. It is so easy to sign up to and makes charitable giving a realistic prospect for businesses of any size.

Here are some figures from our latest Quarterly Impact Summary that impressed me and made me even keener to continue with this scheme. It just goes to show how far a relatively modest donation can go in improving thousands of lives in deprived communities around the world. I’m very proud of our team here at BCR for contributing to this good work and for their enthusiasm for B1G1.

This Quarter, Donations From The BCR Team Have Provided…

  • 6,035 days of toilet access for school children in the developing world. (In the UK we take for granted that our kids have access to clean, safe toilet facilities while they are at school. Not so in many parts of the developing world. A lot of schools don’t have toilets at all, and many that do are unsafe or inadequate, contributing to the spread of waterborne diseases.)
  • 4,928 days of access to clean drinking water in communities in Ethiopia.
  • 700 bricks towards community school classroom building projects.
  • 350 days of education funding to support underprivileged children around the world.
  • 35 days of protection and safety education for girls vulnerable to being trafficked.

About B1G1

Businesses all over the world use B1G1 to support good causes their employees really care about. There is currently a choice of 800 carefully selected projects around the world, all focused on helping vulnerable communities become more self-sufficient and independent. You can donate as much or as little as you wish to each cause. You may choose to focus on a single cause related to your line of work or close to your hearts, or support a number of different good causes. The choice is up to you. You can change your supported projects at any time and there are no contractual obligations. All the money you donate goes directly to the project concerned.

A full project list can be viewed here, which can be filtered by category, country and keyword. Active projects include blindness prevention, medication for nursery schoolchildren, and sustainable drinking water schemes.

To get involved, visit the B1G1 signup page to register a business account.

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