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How Long Can The Liquidation Process Take?

Dodgy Directors - Beware Of Penalties Post Insolvency

A Building Firm Collapses – And The Debris Spreads Far And Wide

Hidden Aspects Of Minimum Wage

Managing Minimum Wage When You're in Financial Distress

Is It Possible To Liquidate A Company Yourself Without A Professional?

How Does Liquidation Work For 50/50 Shareholders?

Everything You Need To Know About Liquidation Preferences

Are Turbulent Business Times Ahead?

9 Danger Signs That Your Business Is Insolvent

What Does A Business 'Going Into Administration' Actually Mean?

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Putting Your Company Into Administration

I Can’t Meet My Business Debt Liabilities: What Can I Do?

What Happens When A Company Goes Into Liquidation?

What Is A Winding Up Petition?

The Winding Up Petition Procedure Explained In 6 Steps

How To Stop A Winding Up Petition

Is This The End of EBT?

Can A Winding Up Petition Be Withdrawn?

BCR Make Positive Impact With B1G1

What To Do When You Can't Pay HMRC Debt

Can HMRC Write-off Debt?

Insolvencies Expected To Rise In 2018 Warns ICAEW

How The Carillion Crisis Affects Your Business

How Business Rate Changes May Affect Struggling Businesses

Why Accountants Should Refer Struggling Businesses To Licensed Insolvency Practitioners Right Away

2 Businesses That Have Failed, And What You Can Learn From Them

What Does The Rangers FC Case Tell Us About The Future Effect Of APNs?

Does Your APN Debt Mean You Are Trading Whilst Insolvent?

Could An EBT Scheme Lead To A Winding Up Petition For Your Business?

Birmingham Company Directors Imprisoned In Fraud Case

How Should You Respond To An Accelerated Payment Notification (APN) From HMRC?

Introducing Our New BCR Website!

BCR Assists with Administration Of Farmers’ Buying Co-Operative

I Have Received A Winding Up Petition – What Do I Do?

Understanding Dividends & Insolvent Companies

Business Insolvency Advice All Struggling Companies Must Know

Reasons Your Business Is Struggling To Survive, And How To Stay Afloat

What Is An Insolvency Practitioner & How Can They Help Failing Businesses?

How To Save A Struggling Business In 10 Steps

What Is Business Refinancing & Is It An Option To Help Save Your Business?

How Insolvency Practitioners Can Help To Save Your Business

How To Find An Insolvency Practitioner That's Right For Your Business

Directors Should Exercise Caution When Distributing Profits Through Dividends

Business Rescue vs Liquidation – Which Option Is Best For Your Business

The Multi-Step Business Liquidation Checklist

What Is Business Liquidation? The Liquidation Of A Company Explained

Member’s Voluntary Liquidation vs Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation – What's The Difference

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